Hello World.

Happy Resurrection Day! 

Jesus allowed himself to be crucified on the cross and became the sacrifice that God demand it in payment for the sins of mankind. I'm so undone!

May you and your family be blessed. 

Much love in Christ


Approaching Christmas 

Wow! I can't believe it's another Christmas and more time with family and friends. This year I wanted to give more of my personal time with my friends and family with a small token of my love. Jesus who was born so that we would be free from death and have eternal life is the most beautiful and the largest token that has been given to us! To Us a child is born and I am so undone. His love for me, his love for you is extravagant. Consume me with your love, Lord. I will consume others with your love and grace that you have given me. I hope the New Year will bring you joy, peace, happiness, success and with an enormous amount of love in Jesus Name! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



As the holidays approach it's not always a time that we can relax. For me, I have to cook and bake for Thanksgiving why? because I love to have family around. We specialize in Deviled eggs, Tri-Tip, Turkey, Salad, Rolls, hor devours, Yams, Cranberries and Dressing.  I remember one year the family had the flu and I had to go out and buy Chinese food and even though it wasn't tradition, it was delicious. So I hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

Lots of hugs Fratena