How is it that life can always make you laugh after you have been slung through the mud or have no money in your checking account? I have found ways to keep myself from being so frustrated when things don't go right in life.

Like the time I got lost driving on a highway and we were so hungry and my daughter rolled her window down to get fresh air and something hit her hand, she looked down and said I'm bleeding...then she licked it...(why did she lick it?) It was what I thought bug blood. Ah! She got dinner! God has a way of always showing me how to be grateful in all circumstances.. hahaha

Hearts Being Healed Women's 12th Annual Conference
Speaker Fratena Dawson at Evangelical Free Church
March 19, 2016

I am an overcomer of an envious heart and rebellion.  You see, envy rots your bones and causes illness.  I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's. Since I have repented I barely have any symptoms of the disease.  Praise God!

As an overcomer, I bring happiness to you from the Kingdom of God.  I cheer for the gifts that God has given you from his son Jesus Christ.

I no longer think that what you have I want, and I want the best for you as God wants the best for you.  My Heart is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurt to set them free of darkness that plagues their soul. The word of God can do that. 

Chico Enterprise-Record
Holy Spirit House to host Keynote speaker Tena Dawson


Tena Dawson, Worship Leader who is prophetic in her music, will be a guest speaker at the 10 a.m. gathering on June 18 at The Holy Spirit House of Prayer in Paradise. Dawson leads the monthly worship meetings here.

The Holy Spirit House of Prayer is about 3 miles below Pearson on Clark Road, or about 4.5 miles above the Durham-Pentz and Clark intersection (at Butte College). Turn left on Clark.

Paradise Pentecostal Church of God
6070 Clark Rd., Paradise
(About 1 mile north of Wagstaff, on the right)
Guest Speaker:  Tena Dawson

Tena Dawson in whom God is awesome!  When gifting and anointing come together the glory of God shines down.  Tena was gifted by God in music at a young age.  Her desire to worship Him brought forth an anointing for music that has grown deeper and stronger over the years.  As she sits at His feet, God pours songs into her heart.
So you think that means her life has been a fairytale? Far from it! The battles of life brought her to her knees. Eventually, that was where she surrendered to God whose gentle, patient love lifted her into His arms and anointed her head with oil. Her theme verse is His banner over me was love Song of Solomon 2:4. 
Then God placed her wherever He chose for the last 17 years, whether it was Corning, Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Paradise, Mt Shasta, Sacramento, Fresno and, of course, Chico. In Chico, she has led worship at City Light Church, the Prayer House, and the Jesus Center. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Healing Hearts Ministry for 5 years and has started a new ministry called the Banqueting Table.