I can honestly say that Fratena (Tena) is used mightily by the Lord. She has a powerful anointing and just not gifted but much more impacting than she really knows how to lead people into worship. I really enjoy her and her voice but you can tell she has a spirit of worship and can bring down the enemy's camp. It's a blessing to know you and also be touched by how she worships the Lord. 
 "Christ Today Radio" KKXX AM 930 & FM 104.5
Tena Dawson in whom God is awesome! When gifting and anointing come together the glory of God shines down. Tena was gifted by God in music at a young age. Her desire to worship Him brought forth an anointing for music that has grown deeper and stronger over the years. As she sits at His feet, God pours songs into her heart. 
Kathyrn DeCristofaro Aglow-International-Paradise, CA
Tena has an experiential understanding of the grace of God and of the redeeming value and power of the cross of Christ. From this place of understanding and abiding, the anthems of praise and worship up and flow forth ushering our congregation into the presence of God. Tena allows the gift of prophetic worship to be released setting free the hearts of God's people from the weariness of everyday life, bringing freedom and joy in the reverence of the Holy Spirit. Tena is a gifted Holy Spirit-filled worship leader, and it is always a joy to be a part of the worship experience with her. 
Steve Cox, Pastor, City Light Church Chico, CA 
Tena is in music ministry and she loves the Lord with all her heart. I've never met anyone who worships like Tena. Anytime I've been around her when she sings and worship, I can feel the Lord's presence. Her walk with Christ is truly amazing. I love the joy and love she shares wherever she goes. She is truly a blessing to all she is around. 
Traci Walton Plainview, TX 
Tena’s worship leading has been an inspiration and a real blessing.  Tena is a real gift of being lead by the spirit and leading those worshipping the Lord with her into His presence. She is also an exceptional, singer, musician and songwriter.
Pastor Samuel Walker First Baptist Church Paradise.